ACAS Early Conciliation process

For most claims from 6th May 2014 you have to use the ACAS Early Conciliation process before being able to go the Employment Tribunal. The short form you have to complete can be found here

To understand how the ACAS Early Conciliation process works please click here.

Use the right name
It is important that you use the correct legal name of the company or organisation on the Early Conciliation form. If you use the wrong name it is likely to cause problems when you try to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal. At worse it could prevent you pursuing a claim. If you are unsure what name to include on the form and require help please click here.

Know what you can claim
Employment law can be confusing and it is not always clear what claims you might have. It is not the role of the ACAS conciliator to provide you with legal advice about your rights - they cannot take sides in the dispute. In order to negotiate successfully it is important that you understand what you are entitled to claim. For help in understanding your claim please click here.

Help with negotiations
If you don't know what the potential value of your claim then it makes negotiating a settlement a difficult task. You won't know if you are "selling yourself short" by accepting the company's offer, or know what proposal to put forward yourself. Compensation isn't the only issue to consider when negotiating. For example, you might want an agreed reference to help you find another job. If you don't feel comfortable negotiating yourself you can always ask for somebody to represent you. For help in negotiating during the ACAS Early Conciliation process please click here..