Unfair dismissal

Losing your job can be a devastating event. Not only are there financial implications but it can also affect your confidence and well-being. If you think that the decision to dismiss you was wrong get advice about your options. Assistance is available to help you appeal the dismissal and if the appeal is unsuccessful to assess the merits of a claim to the employment tribunal for being unfairly dismissed.

You usually have to have been employed for 2 years to make a claim for unfair dismissal. However, if the dismissal is discriminatory, for example because you are pregnant, it does not matter how long you were employed.

Even if the dismissal is for a fair reason you might not have received all the monies that you are due. Help is available to check that you have been provided with everything you are owed, including notice pay and holiday pay.

For information about who to contact to get advice about your employment rights please click here.